Unique VTOL Method

With the SilentOne UAS a new method (see animated video) for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) is utilized. Instead of tilting the motors or wings the tail of the UAS is tilted. Tilting the tail has several advantages:

Large propellers can be used

In cruise mode all main motors and propellers are used

Highly efficient cruise flight and no additional aerodynamic drag → increased range

Lightweight simple transition mechanic can be used

Lower empty weight of the UAV → increased payload weight

In hover mode the fuselage of the UAS is vertical to the ground

The cargo bay at the bottom can be accessed very easily without additional infrastructure

A patent for the new method is already handed-in. See the attached video for a detailed demonstration of the working principal.

Because the wings need not to be tilted for VTOL action the UAS can feature a large span-width. This enables a low wing loading with a low airspeed and a large flight envelope. At low airspeed the flight envelope is limited by the aerodynamic stall and at high speed by the structural limit of the airframe. The maximum flight height is determined by the amount of oxygen left in the air, necessary for the efficient operation of the fuel cell.

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New Publication about SilentWings

New Publication about SilentWings

Recently an article was published by vertical flight society about SilentWings https://evtol.news/news/silentwings-aims-for-long-range-with-hydrogen We thank the vertical flight society for the interesting interview.

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We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring!

This offer is expiredYou are interested in SilentWings and to participate in our project of a VTOL UAS powered by fuel cells? We want to expand our team until end of the year and still need motivated team members (m/f/d) for marketing and sales. Can you offer:...

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Aero 2022 Review

Aero 2022 Review

The Aero 2022 took place from 27.04.22 to 30.04.22 in Friedrichshafen. Well-known companies from the aviation community participated on the fair and therefore also SilentWings took the chance to present the UAS SilentOne. The visitors were curious about our new system...

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